On Think And Grow Rich – Desire

I wanted to talk today a bit about the book by Napoleon Hill: Think And Grow Rich because I have been reading it recently and I have become fascinated with the content. And just on a hunch if what he says is only true to some extent, I think it is worth looking at it in terms of taking control of your life and making decisions; something which I myself struggle with quite a lot. So this might be helpful. We will see what he has to say!

In this first post I wanted to summary the first chapter which is about desire and then hopefully share my thoughts on that chapter as well. But to start off, a bit more about the book in general: It was written some time in the early nineteen hundreds but the principles that Hill outlines in the book are still really relevant and have been endorsed by many business leaders and many people how have actually reached their goals in life so why not trust their opinion and review and why not give it a shot.

So, with that said, this is about the first chapter of Think And Grow Rich – Desire.

The Most Important Concept

One general thesis which is important to understand when talking about this book is that Napoleon Hill’s basic thesis is that thoughts are things and if they are accompanied by desire and a definite purpose they can transform the physical world as much as the world of the mind.

That leads to the underlying statement that if you are in control of your mind you are in control of your destiny. One of the really important point he makes in the first chapter on desire is first of all stressing how important desire is and that if you do not know what your desire is then you do not really know where you are going which is something I have dealt with in the past years. So, knowing your desire is really important!

Then he says something quite remarkable which is that the implanting of the desire in your brain means that it is in the constitution of your being to be able to achieve that desire. At first it takes a while to think about but I felt intuitively that that is right. If something comes from your imagination and manifests itself as a desire of course it is then within your constitution to achieve because why else would you even desire it in the first place?

Does that make sense? I think so…

The 6 Steps

In the following section still in chapter one Napoleon Hill outlines six steps which are vital in achieving that desire and he talks about earning money as an example. Maybe it is important here to point out that riches as it is explained in the book can be anything you want it to be. It can be family, relationships, love, money, status, whatever it is.

Be Specific

The six steps – using the example of money – would be that you outline the exact amount of money that you would like to earn. There is a very important psychological factor that comes into play when establishing the definiteness of the amount. More on that later!

What Are You Willing to Give?

The second step in achieving your desire is to decide what you are willing to give in return. I thought this was really quite revealing because if you are anything like you just about what you wanted but not what you were willing to give for it. As Hill points out there is no such thing as simply receiving something for nothing. You have to be willing to give something. In the case of money that could be your services, your money, your time or whatever you would be willing to offer in return.

Save The Date

The next step is to have a definite date by which you want to achieve your goal. This seems to be very important as well to know when you want to achieve it. The fourth step then is to have a definite plan of steps of action of how to achieve that goal.

The Written Statement

The following step  is to write down a clear statement of what it is you want. Using the example of money, you should include the specific amount of money you want, the time by which you will have achieved it, what you are willing to give in return and your concrete plan.

With this written statement the sixth step is to read it aloud at least twice a day, ideally at morning and at night. While reading the statement aloud you should imagine yourself already in possession of whatever it is you desire. So, visualize what you want to achieve and see yourself already having it.

Final Thoughts

Those are the six steps and the brief summary of what goes on in chapter one of Think And Grow Rich. When I first read it I thought it was quite basic and I did not really see any reason to follow it. But given the fact that I never actually have done something like this and followed a plan I decided to start with these six steps and give it a go!

And actually, after making this decision something already switched in my brain and I saw possibilities of how these steps could actually work just after making that very first decision.

I will probably do a couple more chapters about this book because I find it fascinating and I hope to report back soon with more results!

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